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My name is Amanda Hewitt and I am a freshman at High Point University. I am a biology major on the path to attending medical school. Being a part of a loving, military family, I am originally from California, but then my family and I moved to Florida, and are now residing in a small town in Maryland. To account for no siblings, I have had a total of seven dogs in my life so far. In high school, I was a part of the Humane Society Club and a member of the tennis team my junior year. I love to exercise and take walks outside on a nice day.

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Final Reflection College writing is a course that helps students write papers and better understand the techniques of writing. During this course, students were able to practice and develop better writing skills. There were some papers I wrote that were better than others, and styles of essays that fit my style of writing. One essay…

Effects of Identity Theft on One’s Future

Identity theft occurs when someone steals or uses another’s personal information to commit fraud or other crimes. Personal information includes, but is not limited to, someone’s name, social security, or credit card information. About 9 million identities are stolen every year but since most do not report it, there may be millions more. There are…

Humiliating First Essay: Creative Writing Project

The first essay that I vividly remember writing was in my sixth-grade history class. In this class taught by Mr. Stuartt, we had to choose an important historical figure and write about their life. This was the first, from what I remember, out of two bibliographies that I have had to write thus far, except…

This is my blog for college writing at High Point University!