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The Past of Future Career Plans

One thing that I am very passionate about is my future. I am hopeful that I can accomplish great things. Right now, I am a biology major, and although I want to go to medical school, I am not yet on the pre-medical track.

When I was in seventh grade, I discovered my passion: dermatology. Dr. Sandra Lee, a famous dermatologist many people know as “Dr. Pimple Popper,” was my first inspiration. Her youtube videos were becoming popular and I started watching them and, as gross as it may sound, was fascinated.

For Christmas in my sophomore year of high school, I went to Florida to see my family. At my great aunt’s annual Christmas Eve party, I had a conversed with my second cousin, Michelle, who worked for a dermatologist. We discussed my interest in that field and she offered the opportunity for me to shadow the dermatologist she worked for. Unfortunately, that has not happened yet, but in the near future I will get in touch with her and make these plans.

I went to a summer camp for five years, and of two of those years, I did many dissections. Although these were not dermatology-related, it gave the experience of being in a setting where surgery is to be done. This will help me feel more comfortable in the future when I go into a hospital, lab, or operating room.

Although it takes about eight to twelve years of school to become a dermatologist, there are many things I still need to do right now to make sure I get into the medical school of my choice and stand out amongst my competitors.

One response to “The Past of Future Career Plans”

  1. Amanda, your introductory blog post presents a thoughtful look at your life. Crafting a title that offers a window into the post, narrowing its scope, and correcting errors of punctuation would strengthen it. I hope that you will compose additional blog posts about your interests in addition to the posts you’re required to publish for class.


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